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Obfuscation ? :-)


I am new to Medini QVT, but are currently experimenting with it. Sorry to enter this forum with the following stupid remark:

I try to call the EMFQvtProcessor from within my own plugin. Now I stumbled on a setter with this strange name: "setWorkingLoactaion". <> Is this an attempt to obfuscate the code or just a typo ? :-)


-- Carel

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    Hi Carel,

    i think you mean line number 253... the spelling will be corrected ;-)

    More information on how to use the engine from your plugin can be found here.


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      Thanks Hajo!

      I hope I will have more intelligent questions soon ...

      -- Carel

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    The mispelling is corrected and checked in in the QVT engine - however I cannot advise you updating the engine code and copying the new engine to the medini Cockpit, since it refers to the old name. For this, you have to wait until we release a new mediniQVT version.


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