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Transformation problems

Not entirely a mediniQVT question, more of a general QVT problem I'm having.

My situation is as follows: I want to perform a simple model-to-model transformation, where the input and output model use the same meta-model. Within this meta-model, I have the following construction:



<one or more objects of type a>



<one or more objects of type a>




So: class a is the superclass of b, c and d. Now b and c can have variables of type a, so, these may also be of b, c and d. I'm using rules like the following one:

relation b2b {
checkonly domain in  b1 : b{};
enforce   domain out b2 : b{};
where { a2a(b1, b2); }

This works for the top level classes a, b, c and d, but the 'variable objects' are not evaluated.

My question is: is the structure I'm using for my relation rules a good one for this type of problem, or should I use an other one? If it is correct, how can I convince QVT that the variables also should be evaluated?

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    Is the XML fragment a metamodel representation? do you mean with "variables" class members of metamodel classes? Note that relation b2b is no top level relation, so it must be called from somewhere.


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