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Beginner Problem


I've just started! I'm trying to build a very simple transformatoon as follows:

transformation pim2PSM (pim : PIM, psm : PSM) {
	top relation PIMToPSM
		pn : String;
		domain pim pimModel:PIMModel {name=pn}
		domain psm psmModel:PSMModel {name=pn}

but it just gives me the following error: "Input model for QVT transformation unspecified."

Do you have any idea? Also, it would be helpful if you provide a step-by-step tutorial to start with.


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    Do you refer to a stand-alone Java application using the QVT engine? There is an example in

    Otherwise, we have two examples with the Eclipse cockpit.

    Of course, you have to specify at least one input model which shall be transformed by the transformation.

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      Thank you but the link is not accessible,

      Regarding the input model, should I import it from eclipse? or is there any way to build it using medini?

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        Sorry, Link is corrected now


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