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UML-superstructure: using owningPackage link in QVT relations

While experimenting with some QVT-Transformations and refinements for UML models, it turned out for me, that it would be quite useful, if one could use the "owningPackage" property of the association between Package and PackagedElement . For instance like this:

enforce domain dep : uml::Dependency {
  owningPackage = some_existing_Package

Unfortunately, this owningPackage property is non navigable.

In some eclipse newsgroup the same problem was mentioned.

There they say, that this could be fixed in future, when their OCL-implementation for UML will be able also to navigate along non-navigable ends (by considering also the ends that are owned by associations).

So my question is, if mediniQVT could provide a similar solution for this in the future as well.

Best regards, Stefan.

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    We are familiar with this problem (actually we started the news thread you referenced). We also have a test case for UML2, see RandomActivityUIForUML2.qvt, and having only one navigation direction required to build some relations in this transformation more complicated than necessary.

    So we have currently no solution to this problem. Since the QVT engine is open source, every one is invited to implement such a feature :) However we currently not need this feature in current projects of us, and do not plan to realize such a feature in the near future.

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      Is it possible to download the sources somewhere? Currently, I can only browse them online.

      Kind regards, stefan.

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        Hi Stefan,

        please read this wiki page, which describes how to check out the code from our subversion server.


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