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Editor of QVT-Relation's graphical syntax.


As I wrote earlier via e-mail, I would like to make plug-in for Eclipse, which implements graphical syntax of QVT-Relations. I am going to make diagram editor using Eclipse GMF. My diagram editor will be build upon the QVT metamodel. I would like also use your medin QVT engine. I don’t know only how to connect with it. Maybe could you give me some advices?

Best regards,

Andrzej Peruzynski

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    As you may have realized, our QVT engine is now Open Source. The metamodel was slightly refactored. The QVT metamodel is at


    which refers to the OCL metamodel at


    (please read the READMEs in those folders)

    We propose that the model you plan to edit with your GMF editor is an instance of this QVT metamodel. As orientation how the model structure will look like, you can open a QVT file with mediniQVT and find the containment structure in the Outline view. Next we propose that you serialize a model of the QVT metamodel as text file in the QVT syntax. This helps to keep independent from our specific QVT (and OCL) metamodel, since the QVT syntax should(!) be understood by every other QVT engine. However you can also try to serialize/unserialize the model by using XMI. However we have done no tests with XMI import/export with our engine by now.

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    Hi Andrew,

    I had exactly the same idea :-)
    Do you already work on it? How far are you?

    Concerning serialization, two ways come into my mind how EMF serialization can be modified to read/write qvt files:
    1. a converter qvt <-> xmi that will be called each time a qvt file is read/written.
    2. re-using the parser of medini QVT (located in plugin QVTCommon).

    Best regards


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