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Can anybody tell me anything about mediniQVT and Black Box Operations ? Or even better, does anybody have some example ? Thanks, Siegfried

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    Dear Siegfried,

    mediniQVT has no Black Box implementation according to the OMG standard. But, there is a workaround: You can use metamodel operations to do your black box calculations. These operations - defined in the meta classes - can be accessed within any OCL expression in the QVT script.

    Best regards,


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      Hi Hajo,

      thanks for your note. Does anybody have some experiences with this option ? I know something about defining EMF based metamodels concerning to the structural point of view - packages, classes, attributes. But I didn't do metamodeling with behavioral features like metaclass methods. Obviously you mean the modeling of behavioral features within the Ecore modeling concepts, don't you ? Is there any more reference concerning to the use in QVT transformation ?

      Best regards, Siegfried

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        Yes, we mean the Ecore modeling concepts. As you can define metamodel attributes, you can define metamodel operations and actually implement them in the generated model code.

        Some parameter types may not work with the QVT engine. Also, you must be aware that a metamodel operation may be called several types, even if it occurs only once in the QVT relation. This is due to the fact that the QVT engine evaluates OCL expressions several times in special cases. Besides this, there should be no special concerns when invoking metamodel operations within a QVT transformation.


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