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medini QVT

medini QVT medini QVT is a tool set for model to model transformations. The core engine implements OMG's QVT Relations standard, and is licensed under EPL. mediniQVT also includes tools for convenient development of transformations, such as an graphical debugger and an editor. These components are freely available for non-commercial use only. For commercial licenses, contact us.



  • Execution of QVT transformations expressed in the textual concrete syntax of the Relations language
  • Eclipse integration
  • Editor with code assistant
  • Debugger to step through the relations
  • Trace management enabling incremental update during re-transformation
  • Key concept enabling incremental update as well as the transition from manual modeling to automation through transformations in the absence of traces
  • Bidirectional transformations



Other Products of ikv

  • If you want to compare or merge different versions of MATLAB/Simulink models you can use medini unite

medini unite

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